NVMe Disks

Get faster I/O with 3 replicas enterprise NVMe disks.

Secondly Billing

Pay only what you use. Billing is measured in second unit.
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Instant Free Setup

Your server will be instantly setup if in stock. There is no setup cost.

KVM Virtualization

Full isolated virtualization to ensure you get allocated resources.

Linux Distros

You can choose your operating system with popular options of Linux Distros.

Custom ISOs

Even you may use your own ISO, eg. Microsoft Windows or your custom OS template.

Reverse DNS

Setup your own host associated with your allocated IP.

SSH Keys

Install your SSH keys, so you can securely login to your servers without prompting password.


You can manage your servers via API integration. It is good if you are reseller with own billing system.

Live Snapshot

Take snapshots of your servers without stopping them. You can set schedule or take snapshot instantly.

Access Sharing

You can share your servers to your teams or clients. You can set what they can access.

Virtual Monitor

You will get virtual monitor to access your server in the similiar way you access a physical machine.

Easy Panel

We develop our own control panel. You can start, stop, and monitor your server easily.

Premium Data Center at Indonesia

Shared Bandwidth: 10 Gbps to local via OpenIXP, 100 Mbps to the rest of the world.

24/7 Ticket Support

You can contact us by ticket support everytime. Facing difficulty about our service? Need suggestion? Please let us know.